1979 was the beginning of the brothers Fred and Charlie Mannerfelt’s car interests. A childhood memory when dad Callis bought a 25th anniversary model of a Corvette model year 1978. Beige with brown leather interior and rigid double seam. The whole family had to fit into the car. Mom and Dad in the front, and all three children in the tailgate.

With a strong passion for cars deep knowledge for cars was developed that led to the emergence of a wide network of car enthusiasts, collectors, private traders and valuable contacts across Europe. 2003 was the year the two brothers decided to focus on their passion and Callisma AB was founded. The name choice was given, a tribute to dad Callis and “ma” to the common surname Mannerfelt. Bespoke and Iconic is Callisma’s basic concept. Expressing unique personalities is an art. Whether you choose to give a personal touch to a detail or to create a completely customized item, the possibilities are endless. Besoke speaks for something. In our assortment of iconic car brands such as Aston Martin, you can customize your car. From paint, leather and other interior details.

With an enormous knowledge capacity and interest, the business has expanded and today consists of tens of driven co-workers that  all share a common goal – offering their customers a first class service based on thorough-out knowledge and a continued personal relationship with the customer.

Callisma manages several strong brands in the boat and automotive industry and is authorized dealers for Aston Martin, Koenigsegg & DS Automobiles & Service point for Cadillac, Camaro and Corvette. Callisma is also authorized retailer of Riva and Pershing in Sweden.