Razor sharp engineering and proud craftsmanship together create a luxury sports car filled with emotion. Aston Martin Vanquish is set to become the most desirable car in the world and the six litre V12 engine is the heart in a GT constructed entirely out of carbon fibre and aluminium. The body’s curvaceous shapes command respect and Vanquish looks fast even standing still. The engine has been reworked and delivers even more power than before. The reason is new cylinder heads, new intake and variable valves. An addictive sound creates the perfect backdrop to the way Vanquish covers ground with its 573 hp and 620 Nm of torque. Vanquish takes the baton as the flagship in the Aston Martin lineup and carries strong elements of design and presence. Vanquish is a unique way of presenting performance, modernity and proud British craftsmanship. Moreover, it is 56 kilos lighter than its predecessor and has increased luggage space with over 60 percent. Something that truly befits a super GT. The order books are open and as Aston Martin celebrates its 100th birthday 2013. Delivery for Vanquish is set to begin next year, what a great birthday gift to be able give yourself.

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